The first VEGAN COSMETIC PRODUCT certification organisation has now been set up.

A movement based on MORAL common sense.
It began in 2005 with a prohibition to use ingredients tested on animals when producing cosmetics which, thanks to European decrees, has become law.

The creation of an OPINION LEADER that can provide clarification to consumers, and manufacturers, in order to create a high-performance product that protects and respects “our friends”.

OK VEGAN has a SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE of sector experts who analyse, control and certify the following parameters:

  • FORMULA – presence of any ingredients of animal origin or that were tested on animals
  • TESTING – control of material supporting product toxicology and effectiveness which must be in line with the current COSMETIC REGULATION
  • CLAIMS – the correctness of what is declared to communicate the product for the VEGAN choice
  • PRODUCTION – control and certification of production that must be consistent with the VEGAN world
    Once analysed and certified, the manufacturer may register with the association and use the OK VEGAN trade mark, following the use conditions established by OK VEGAN

A path dedicated to an expanding industrial sector, needing absolute clarity in order to provide the market with a cosmetic product that performs in a certain way, but protects a precise consumer choice.

Why choose OKVEGAN certification?

  • The Consumer is guaranteed that products and services comply with his/her philosophy of life and has a demonstration of the companies’ attention and commitment to consumer needs.
  • Manufacturers can expand their reference market and show sensitivity and attention for consumer needs.