OKVEGAN is the service that certifies VEGAN COSMETIC products.

If you would like to certify one or more VEGAN COSMETIC products, please contact us by e-mail at

Our staff will provide you with more information on our services, and will help you start the OKVEGAN certification process for the COSMETIC products selected by your company.

Our technical staff will then be assigned to check both the documents related to your TECHNICAL FORMS for the FINISHED PRODUCTS and the SINGLE RAW MATERIALS and analyse your procurement system.

Our staff will check correspondence with what is declared in documents and what is done in production itself through an audit STRUCTURED AS A CHECK LIST to check PRODUCTION requirements and LAYOUTS needed for OKVEGAN certification.

If the audits performed by our staff are successful, certification can take place with the following trade mark being granted:

it must be used following certain graphic rules which will be transmitted at the time of certification and may be added to primary, secondary packs and to merchandising materials.